Friday, 15 November 2013

Henry Bear

           Henry Bear is a dear friend to all of the staff, children, and families here at Little Munchkins Preschool Center. He is adventurous, a good listener, and has a remarkable wardrobe! Every Friday the children gather together to find out who Henry Bear has chosen to go home with for the weekend. Henry bear has a special bag he goes home in with a journal where the families are welcome to write about the things they’ve done or places they went. On Monday the children cannot wait to share with everyone about their weekend with Henry and sometimes bring in pictures to put on our Henry Bear board.

                This past weekend at our KEEP CALM and PLAY ON conference with Jeff A. Johnson we gave out 13 of Henry Bear’s cousins to different centers within the Maritimes. (We also gave one to Jeff) We explained Henry Bear’s story through a poem and hope that the centers that received a cousin would name their bear and share their stories with us.  

Henry Bear

The story begins about a special bear,

For all the children to love and share.

He lives at preschool where he enjoys to play,

But he gets excited for that special day.

Every Friday he’s off for a weekend to explore,

Of adventures, surprises, and cuddles galore!

Vacations, holidays, boo boos, and sick days,

No matter what happens Henry Bear stays.

A friend to all, we love him so,

He’s been through it all, he’s seen us grow.

Henry Bear’s cousins are here today,

A new friend for you to enjoy and play.

We hope to hear of the journeys they travel,
We know that new adventures are sure to unravel.

                                                                                                   Written by: Leslie Dionne – Little Munchkins Preschool

         Only two days after the conference we received our first post on our facebook page of one of the bear’s adventures! She made it to beautiful Prince Edward Island where she got to see beautiful landscapes! Tír na nÓg Forest School also shared a picture of their new bear (also named Henry) finding his letter on their alphabet trail! We are so excited to see where all the cousins end up in the future!


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