Friday, 24 January 2014

Winning Big with Fruit Loop Poker!

I walked downstairs one morning and the room was quiet, a little too quiet.  I knew there could not be seven 3 year olds down there, and assumed the children had gone outside with Tabatha. Just then I heard, “Pick a card, any card!” When I turned around the corner, I saw seven children sitting at a table with Tabatha. Tabatha looked up and me and said, “It’s Fruit Loop Poker!!” I began to laugh and the children looked up and said “Ya! We’re playing poker!” Without delay , I asked if I could play too, but of course the game is “just for kids!” (I should have known)

Because the game is for kids only, I observed from the sidelines watching the children play. So how does one play Fruit Loop Poker you ask?
                                           Fruit Loops
                                   Deck of Cards (2-10)

At the table, the children all sat eyeing the jackpot container full of Fruit Loops. (Of course you do not have to use Fruit Loops, but we had quite a bit left over from a previous invitation.) When it is the players turn you pick a card from the deck, say the number, and pick that many fruit loops from the jackpot. It is the player’s decision what to do with the winnings. Most decided to eat them, however, Fruit Loop bracelets were also popular. I know you’re probably thinking “that’s it!?” but to three year olds this was pure bliss! Perhaps the snack of fruit loops had a little bit to do with it, but the learning in this simple activity is vast.


Why this is Important:


·        Math Skills – Recognizing Numbers


Adding & Subtracting

Classifying Objects

        ·        Social Development – Listening Skills

 Taking Turns

Working Together (Helping each other count)


·        Fine Motor Skills – Lacing the Fruit Loops on their bracelets

Tying knots


In the afternoon when the 4 year olds joined our group we played the game again. The 3 year old explained the rules to the others and they were just as engaged. Tabatha and I both discussed how we were surprised how well the game went. No one got upset when they only got a low number, or took the other children’s fruit loops. It was a very successful activity that began when Tabatha noticed the attention the box of Fruit Loops was receiving. This game has been popular all week, and I'm sure this isn't the last time we'll play!



Do you have any favorite counting games?

                                                        - Leslie Dionne

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