Friday, 16 January 2015

Special Spoons

There's always a little excitement the day our scholastic order comes in. I was particularly excited because I knew SPOON by Amy Krouse Rosenthal was in that order. I had previously read the story, but knew the children probably haven't heard it before.

SPOON is about a young spoon who is feeling a little blue because he does not think he is as special as his friends knife, fork, and chopsticks. They can do all types of neat things that a spoon cannot, but little does he know his friends think he's pretty special because of all the exciting things he can do. After we finished the story I asked all of the children why they think they are special. Here is what they had to say: 

"Because sometimes I get peanut butter on my face."
"I can skate all by myself without a thing."
"Because I have a baby brother."
"Because I can put stuff on my head." 
"Because I can drive a bike!"
"I can brush my teeth all by myself."
"I can do puzzles."
"Because I'm good at making towers."
"Because I know how to swim." 

Their answers inspired an invitation to celebrate their accomplishments and display them for everyone to see! I set up a table with spoons, colored glue, and random art supplies so they could create their very own special spoons. 

The spoons all turned out better than I imagined. Each one was completely different, and you can see they really took their time with making them just right. We set them to dry and I asked them how we should put them out for everyone to see. They all agreed to have them hanging so we decided to lace beads on strings to attached our papers to the spoons. 

After everything was dry we put them together and hung them on the board by our door. 


Literacy & Language Development 
Fine motor skills 
Art & Creativity 
Sense of Belonging 
Building Self Esteem 

- Leslie Dionne 

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