Friday, 26 June 2015


This week marks the first week of our Summer Camp at Little Munchkins, and we couldn't have asked for better weather! We spent our days enjoying the fresh air and learning about plants and gardening. 


We started off by planting our own flower pots. The campers painted their pots, chose what they wanted to plant, and made personalized labels.
We were all surprised to see that when we went to water our plants today some had already started to sprout! 

We decided our gardens needed a little sprucing up so we also made our own stepping stones! You can use cement, but I know how much the children enjoy cooking so we made our "cement" from scratch.
2 Cups Flour
2 Cups Sand
2 Cups Glue
1 Cup Salt
1 Cup Water

Mix together all ingredients. Spread evenly on a greased cookie sheet. (Spray hands with cooking spray before spreading!) 

"I'm so strong... I'm actually mixing cement."

These need to dry really good so we still have ours sitting out to dry. Once they're completely dried out we are going to put a coat of mod podge over and set them in our gardens! 

Continuing on with our green thumbs, we also created our very own terrariums! (We used recycled apple sauce jars.) We learned about the different layers needed to successfully create a terrarium and what each layers job was.  

Once we had our layers in the jars we went on a walk searching for plants to put inside. 

We made a new friend along the way!! :) 

While we were on our walk we saw tons and tons of daisies! We dug up a few bundles and created our own little garden to transplant them in! 

We made a rock fence around it and painted the rocks...

We weren't sure how the daisies would take, but they appear to be doing great! The children seem quite pleased with their new addition to our back yard!

Gardens take time, patience, and responsibility, and I am very impressed with all the children's efforts in creating and maintaining our gardens. Every day as soon as we get out, they unravel the hose and make sure every plant is watered and doing ok. I never have to ask or remind them. Nothing feels better then to watch all of your hard work flourish (literally!) 

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