Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Wet & Wild | Summer Camp Week 4

 If you think back on your summers as a child you most likely remember playing in or around water. There's no doubt that most children love playing with water, and there's no doubt most children love to be silly. (Did somebody say underwear?) 

I spent Monday morning filling up 100 water balloons. During this long and tedious task I would remind myself how much fun the kids were going to have,  and it would be worth it. We decided to play "Highlanders & Lowlanders" (capture the flag) but with the water balloons. If a player gets hit with a water balloon they are to go straight to jail. If they get tagged they are frozen for 10 seconds only. Blue team and red team had their designated balloons, but the multi colored balloons were in the middle of the playing field and were fair game for anyone. 

After the game was over the kids quickly dispersed leaving colorful broken water balloons EVERYWHERE. I asked where everyone was going because the game was still going. They all looked confused. Then I told them the team to get the most broken water balloons in their bowl wins. 
And off they went...

I'm not sure what game they enjoyed more; the water balloon fight or the pick up. Either way I think it was a victory for all of us! 

If you read this blog often you'll already know I like to give the camp kids a challenge. They always take it very seriously if you call it a challenge. This challenge was to paint a picture with only using your feet! 

Some of the children thought it was the "easiest thing they have ever done" and others got a little frustrated. I was happy that every single camper gave it a shot and they were excited to hang their finished product on our new drying rack. 

Another game we played that was a big hit was the mystery hat game. I printed off a bunch of different wild and whacky actions for the kids to do and others that just said PIE. 
The children sat in a circle and picked a paper out of a hat and had to do the action written on the paper. Some of the actions were : 

Talk like a pirate
Walk around the circle backwards until the next player's turn
Make a crazy face
Do a whacky dance 
etc, etc, etc

The children laughed and were all excited to pick from the hat. Finally after several turns somebody finally picked the pie. "Pie?! What's pie?!" Well I will tell you if you pick the paper with pie you get a pie in the face! 

I asked permission before I put the pie in their face. (homemade whipped cream on a paper plate) After they saw what pie meant they all wanted to pick that paper and by the end of it they were all grabbing plates and smooshing it in their face. 

We also made homemade slushies as a refreshing treat. In the morning the children made jello and I stuck it in the freezer. They weren't sure what we were doing with it until they saw the "Make Your Own Smoothie" station set up. I put out cups, straws, frozen jello, frozen berries, and a lemon lime soda. I was informed of the sugar content from one child, but I told them they only needed a splash. 

The campers could choose from orange, raspberry, cherry, or even a combo of the flavors. They went through the line and created their own slushies. 

And then sat back and enjoyed......... 

Later in the week I brought in a tie dye kit and the campers brought in white t-shirts. It's always exciting to see the finished result! They came out awesome!

We added another addition to our playground this week; pool noodle water wall! By simply attaching dollar store pool noodles with zip ties on the side of our tree house we had a brand new attraction the kids love! 

We also played a hilarious game I stumbled across online. We began playing the way it said online, but decided to turn it into a relay race instead. 

A player from each team has to run with the shower cap and shaving cream on their head, stick as many cheetos on their head as possible, and run back and empty them in the team's container. The team with the most cheetos in their bucket at the end wins. 

We ended the week with a Photo Booth for the campers to enjoy. I put a large variety of dress up clothes out and let the children dress up however they wanted. They got with friends and took silly pictures that I later printed out for them.

I gave the kids their pictures and they made a keepsake picture frame to take home! It was a perfect way to end our week! 

- Leslie Dionne 


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