Friday, 30 October 2015

Halloween Happenings 2015

Naturally everyone around Little Munchkins has been in the Halloween spirit! We always like to make the most of the spooky season; check out what we've been up to.... 

The possibilities are endless with pumpkins and we made sure to try it all. Digging our hands inside to collect all the goo was not for everyone, but most enjoyed the delicious baked pumpkin seeds we made!  

We cleared out part of our toddler/2 room and filled it with spider webs. The toddler/2 group has been ALL ABOUT spiders lately. When they walked into the room they could climb under, over, and through the cobwebs! Although there was some frustration with getting tangled up in the webs as soon as they were set free they wanted to go right back in! 

The after school group helped decorate our woods for the haunted candy hunt. They think the little ones might be too scared of their decorating job so they'll get all the candy.... 

Have you ever wondered what a Witch's kitchen would look like? Well today's your lucky day because we just so happen to have one here at Little Munchkins.

The Munchkins were waiting at the door for the Witch to let them in.. When the door opened our art room was transformed with lights, music, and tons of stuff to get their hands (and feet!) on! 

Enter if you dare!! Our woods were decorated and had candy hiding all around. The after schoolers helped earlier in the week, but we had to throw in a few extra surprises for them! 

Our day was jam packed with fun, excitement, tricks, and treats! We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!  

                                                                 - Leslie Dionne

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