Friday, 24 February 2017

A Visit From the Hospital

A lot of our Munchkins have had experiences with the Hospital. Stitches, broken bones, visiting new siblings are some of the reasons they've been while others are lucky enough to not have to go. We have a child in our classroom that was having a surgery that would leave them with a temporary bandage on their head. The teachers, hospital staff and parents of the child knew this would raise many questions from the other children and the hospital staff told us they would come in for a visit! 

We had three special guests come in; Crystal, Kayla and their blue puppet named Sam. Sam is a special puppet used when educating children when they do presentations or to show a child what to expect during a procedure. 

Sam had a bandage around his head just like the child in our class would. All the children were able to investigate Sam closely and asked lots of questions! 

While one group was getting a closer look with Sam, Crystal took another group over to do finger casts! She used special bandages and warm water to make the cast on the children's finger. After a few short minutes they hardened up into the finish product!

Some of the children didn't like the feeling of the cast as it was a little soggy at first, while others would have put one on every finger if they could! 

After their presentation was done all the children got to go home with a "goody bag" from the hospital that had bandages, gloves, gauze and some other medical supplies to play with (or keep for when needed!) We were all so appreciative that Crystal and Kayla could take time from their busy schedule to spend time with us! We got a lot of medical questions answered and we hope if any of our Munchkins ever have to have a hospital experience they feel a little better about going!

Also update on our Munchkin who had surgery...! The bandages are off and they're doing great! :) 

- Leslie MacNeil 


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