Friday, 27 September 2013

Vamping By Ramping!

            This blog post is for all the early childhood educators and families that struggle with that certain part of the day. I mean the part of the day when messes have been made, toys have been scattered all over the place, and the children are too exhausted to move another muscle. Have you guessed it yet?

Anyone who has been around children knows clean up time can be quite the task. We have all heard every excuse in the book as to why they can’t or shouldn’t have to participate.

1.       “I didn’t even play with that!”

2.       “I’m too tired!”

3.       “I already picked up though.”

4.       “I don’t feel good, I need to lay down.”

5.       “My mom told me I don’t have to.” (Yeah right)

The excuses can be so creative it’s rather impressive; however we need to be a little inventive as well. Sometimes the good old fashioned timer trick, or putting things away by colors is successful, but children quickly catch on to what we’re trying to do. I’m always trying to think of new games that get everyone involved.

 Our latest tidy game is using the ramps from our block corner. I put one end of it in a bucket and had one of the children put a block on top. As the block slid down and dropped into the bucket I saw the child’s face light up and knew exactly what he was thinking; That was cool. As he continued to put the blocks away children ran over to see what this game was all about. After the blocks were all away they ran to the couch and said “Let’s try the pillow!” and after that, the babies were sliding into their cribs. They went around the entire room using the ramps to tidy up everything! This method of clean up took longer than usual but that doesn’t matter! What matters is the children were cleaning up and actually enjoying it!
                We don’t use the ramps everyday because sometimes we don’t need to, and if you over use something it loses its “magic”. Clean up time is important for children to participate in because it teaches them about responsibility. (Also, no one and I mean no one wants to step on a lego piece!)

                                                Do you have any cleanup games that are successful?

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