Friday, 4 October 2013

Lucky by Nature!

The weather has been absolutely ideal this entire week. The warm sun has been shining, a refreshing crisp breeze has been in the air, and the autumn colours are stunning. We have been trying to take full advantage of this perfect weather, and what better way to do it then a nature adventure!?

The children put on their boots with excitement and kindly reminded us to bring a bag so we could put in things we found along the way. We left the center and walked through the back yard, into the trail that leads to the road. Immediately, the children were discovering, touching, hearing, and even smelling the world around them. They seemed to really be drawn to the pine trees, calling out every time they saw another one. They touched the needles and told me it “smells
like a Christmas tree”. With each and every step we took our bag was collecting more and more flowers, leaves, grass, sticks,  rocks, and even pieces asphalt that had crumbled off
 the road.

              The road next to our center eventually turns into a dirt path.  The children are always  eager to arrive to the end of the road  because they know of the freedom that awaits them.  As soon as they hit that dirt they are off running and exploring every little one of nature’s details without hesitation.

                 We are so fortunate to live in an area with such breath taking surroundings. An area where we are able to give children the trust and freedom they deserve to learn and explore the world around them. Our morning adventure carried over into the afternoon when the children became engaged in activities from the materials they collected.
                  The children made art work, studied textures, shape, and colours, and even seemed to enjoy the new light table invitation we put out. We continued providing invitations all week with our natural materials, and are very excited to see what becomes of our next nature adventure!

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