Friday, 16 May 2014

FAIRY tales

The snow has melted in our woods creating a brand new world to explore. Pine cones, moss, sticks, rocks, and buds of new life are some of the little treasures we've been finding. It seems that fairies  come into conversation when we're in the woods amongst some of the children which inspired me to create a "Fairy World" invitation for our classroom.

The first morning it was out I stood back and watched some of the children play. They used the sticks as fairy wands, created paths and roads with the rocks and wood pieces, and even set up a fairy trap! One girl told me that fairies eat gold (small wood pieces) so they needed to trap them! They took one of the houses and filled it with lots of "gold". She said the fairy would fly in the house to eat it and she was going to put her hand over it to trap her! (No luck!) 

To extend the interest of fairies I put out some materials so the children could make their very own fairy dust.....

They were all VERY excited they got to take their jars home! I can't wait to see how we can extend this in our backyard as well.. The opportunities are endless!! 

- Leslie Dionne

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