Thursday, 1 May 2014


It's Springtime here in New Brunswick and as we all know.. April Showers bring May Flowers MUD!  It may not be my favorite time of the year, but the children LOVE it. There's something about mud that is so inviting, as if it has a voice that only children can hear. It says, "Hey! come play with me. Jump on in, roll around, I AM SO FUN YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!" 

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day and the mud was in full force! The children started making mud pies, soups, and stomping in it immediately. They giggled when it made the squishing sounds against their rubber boots, and were screaming for someone to help them when they were stuck. By the end of the afternoon the children were rolling in it, wiping it on their face, splashing it, and even throwing mud balls! When the children left we had garbage bags ready to go so the parents could just throw their belongings into a bag. 

**I would like to take this opportunity  to THANK all of our amazing parents who were such good sports about the mud play! The staff & children appreciate your support!!** 

I will get to why letting children play in mud is important, but first...... please enjoy some pictures:

               So the moment some people are waiting for....

                      WHY MUD PLAY IS IMPORTANT:

Mud connects children with nature, and allows them to explore the world we live in.
Boosts creativity & imagination - mud pies, recipes, and other dramatic play
MUD IS ART!- some children used their fingers and sticks to make pictures on the fence.
Fosters Sensory Development- mud comes in many forms (dry, wet, rocky, cool, warm, etc) children are able to explore different textures  
Helps builds your immune system! 
Problem solving- some children don't like mud and must problem solve how to successfully navigate around the back yard. (Building bridges, etc) 
Team work & Cooperation - When a child was stuck or lost their shoe they helped each other out!
Developmentally appropriate for ALL ages. 
MUD IS FUN- children are developing childhood memories that will last a life time, and most importantly are having FUN while doing it. 


Leslie Dionne

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