Wednesday, 27 August 2014

DIY Road Blocks

     It seems that all summer long the children have been interested in cars and trucks, and have been making road ways all around our yard. I think most of the educators have had their toes run over a few times, and perhaps this has inspired our newest DIY project! 

The educators took different size scrap pieces of wood that we had from under our shed, painted them black, and then added yellow lines to make roads for our outdoor classroom. The moment they were introduced on Monday morning the  children  instantly began constructing. It took great communication skills  and team work to get the road set up just how they desired. They even brought over pieces from our "building area" to create tunnels and bridges! 

This was such an easy project to extend the children's current interest. Some children even began building garages for their cars. I can't wait to see what else we can make to enhance the munchkin road way! Stay tuned! 

 - Leslie Dionne 


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