Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Writing with Sand Paper

This invitation was inspired by a previous blog post from last year "Facts About Tracks". The original activity evolved into the children writing their names and different letters so I decided to focus on that this time. I decided to use cornmeal for a different texture (the children thought it was sand) and put out stamps, letters, and chop sticks. 

"Look at all these letters! I am definitely going to spell my name here" said one little girl as she sat down at the table. 

Together the two friends helped each other find the letters in their name, and tried using all of the materials on the table. They discovered that the stamps were too big to fit their whole name, so they stuck with the chopsticks for quite some time. 

The trick with doing any activity like this is to have pieces of paper available so the children can "erase" their markings. Most of the children remembered from our previous activity to lay the paper on top and smooth the sand out. 

The children REALLY seemed to enjoy this activity. Usually when I come back from lunch the tables are picked up for snack, but this table was still going! It's very rewarding to see children engaged in an activity you put out, especially when they're learning so much! (Letter recognition, Literacy skills, Fine Motor skills.... to name a few!) 

-Leslie Dionne

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