Wednesday, 18 May 2016

From the Ground Up! (Part 2)

We're into the third week of our clubhouse construction! We finished the last blog post with the roof being put on. We've seen many different skilled workers come onto site recently to help with the construction. Electricians, carpenters, and people to install dry wall are some of the important people that we've observed.

Each new visible step has been equally exciting for everyone. "They need to be careful with that window, it could break." "Wow they are strong!" Were a few of the comments overheard from the children.

The  electrician came in with lots of wires to make sure we could have power! Although we really couldn't see him doing a lot of his work we were able to look at pictures that were taken 

Once the electrician had finished what he needed to do a big truck came with a large stack of drywall on the back. When we asked the children what they thought the big pieces would be used for they confidently said "the walls!" 


After the dry wall was put up I went into the building to get some pictures and get my first look inside. The building has so much natural light that pours in from all our windows and is much bigger than I anticipated! 

With all the doors and windows in the clubhouse is safely secured with a lock and key when the men are done working each night. Every day it's exciting to see the big trucks pulling in and wondering what the next step is and what materials they have. 

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