Friday, 10 June 2016

From the Ground Up (Part 3)

The final touches are being made on the clubhouse and there's just a couple more weeks before we're ready to be "moved in"! The last blog post ended with the doors and windows being installed and the dry wall being put up. Fast forward just a little bit and we have floors put down, fresh paint on the walls, lighting fixtures up, and ceilings and toilets in!

New wooden stalls for our bathroom.

With all the construction going on our "Littlest Munchkins" have taken a great interest in tools and construction. We've also spent a lot of time on our patio watching the men work, answering a lot of questions and admiring all the trucks that have been in and out of our driveway. 

We brought in different tools, blocks, and other building materials to help extend their play. 

We noticed after they had observed the cedar siding being put on they would take our flat boards and hammer them to the wall. (It hasn't been the quietest around our room lately!) 

Because the children were hammering everything they could find (tables, walls, chairs, windows) we decided to borrow some of the cedar scraps from the construction site and begin a few nails in the boards. We set the pieces of wood on the table with a few hammers and let the kids go to town. 

They hit the nails for quite some time and actually got the nails all the way in. Some were a little crooked but they seemed to really enjoy it so we decided to try screw drivers the next day! 

The screw drivers were a bit more complicated then the hammers but they took their job at "fixing the chairs" very serious. They were careful, took turns, and were helpful to the other children if they needed help. 

 After they fixed their chair they would sit in it to see if it would pass their inspection. We had a few screws removed during the process so we made sure they were tightened properly before lunch. If someone came in our room they made sure to tell them they fixed all of the chairs.

The clubhouse construction has been such a learning experience for all the children.... literally from the ground up!  

Keep an eye out for our final blog post coming soon with the fully completed clubhouse!

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