Friday, 25 October 2013

Bob Is Missing!

Meet Bob.

Bob has been at hot commodity amongst the children at Little Munchkins, and they have made up different ways to incorporate him in their play. Be there is one little problem... Bob is MISSING! The children have all been looking around to see if they can find where he went. He’s not in the tree house, or in the garden, and not buried in the sand. We have a serious case on our hands and we’re not giving up looking until Bob is returned safe and sound.

Earlier this week the children came across three painted rocks in our yard. This could only mean one thing and one thing only; clues to Bob’s disappearance. The children told us that a Leprechaun must have left them because he stole Bob and they are clues to where he is. Everyone decided the only way to get Bob back would be to build a trap to catch the Leprechaun!
We built a few different styled traps throughout the morning to see which one would work best. They decided by the end that a box would be most sufficient. So far we’ve had no luck catching this sneaky Leprechaun, but we will definitely keep you posted!  



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