Friday, 11 October 2013

Little Munchkins Family Thanksgiving

Today all the Little Munchkins children and staff worked very hard preparing our annual Thanksgiving dinner. Each age group had a dish they were responsible for to contribute to our meal. The toddlers mashed potatoes, the 2 year olds made apple crisp, the preschoolers peeled potatoes, carrots, and made stuffing. While the after school group made home made ice cream for dessert! (With extra vanilla!)

After the tables were set and food was prepared, we all sat down together as a family to enjoy the meal we all worked so hard on. During the meal everyone went around the table and shared what they were thankful for. 

Homemade placements the children created


                                   Here are what some of the children told us they were thankful for:

"I'm thankful for thanksgiving."
"I'm thankful for food."
"I'm thankful that it is almost the weekend!"
"I'm thankful for my mommy."
"I'm thankful for the surprises my mommy gives me."
"I'm thankful for all my friends."
We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with lots of food, family, and happiness! We at Little Munchkins are thankful for the families that have become  a part of our family.

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